This is the largest snake I have ever heard of.  Its length is approximately 15 meters

When paleontologists at the beginning of the twentieth century found the remains of a huge snake in Egypt called… GigantophysThere were some doubts about its size. It reached several meters, of course – but how much? The length of Gigantopis was initially estimated at more than 10 metres, but it was later verified that the estimate was less than 10 metres. The Smithsonian Institute examined the vertebrae of this reptile that lived in North Africa about 40 million years ago. Analysis showed that they are larger than the vertebrae of the largest modern snakes – anacondas and pythons.

So Gigantopis was probably the largest snake that ever existed. Perhaps because with estimates ranging from 9.3 to 10.5 metres, there were doubts. Reticulated pythons and green anacondas are also estimated to be 10 meters long. It is estimated that the size of this constrictor is almost legendary. The size of the snakes is surrounded by legend. The record length of a reticulated python killed in 1912 on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi was 9 meters 76 cm.. Therefore, ten meters was not found.

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The green anaconda is said to be up to 11 meters long, but this may also be a myth. Let us remember that in 1944 in Venezuela, a group of hunters claimed that they had shot a monstrous anaconda. After measuring her body, it was found that her height was 11 meters and 43 centimetres. It was a record. So the hunters went to the camp to eat, and when they returned, the snake had disappeared. They confirmed that “he must have been startled and fled.” As a result, the prize for finding the world’s longest snake remains unclaimed. This is a reward for anyone who finds the first anaconda measuring 9 meters or more in length or provides convincing evidence For its existence.

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