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Russia’s Mash channel on Telegram posted a recording from a bar in Saratov, Russia. The conflict between the bar staff and the guest appears. It turned out that a soldier in uniform wanted to go in, which the waiter didn’t like.

A soldier in uniform was not allowed into the bar

The bar employee explained that, according to the regulations, you cannot wear a uniform or, for example, sportswear. The soldier got angry and began to accuse the waiter of being unpatriotic and disrespecting the Russian army.

What can I say: “Glory to Ukraine”? asked the annoyed man.

The rest of the article is under the video

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“a shame for the city”

Nikolai Pankov, a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, responded to this case, demanding severe penalties for the bartender and the owners of the establishment. He described the “incident” as very disgraceful to the city [Saratowa]He promised to resort to law enforcement.

Earlier, Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin condemned a similar incident, Which happened in a Moscow restaurant. Subsequently, the security guard was fired, and the building owner publicly apologized.

packaged sugar

In Russia, there is more and more talk of sugar packers. There was a fight between the soldiers and the locals in the town of Ukhta. Footage posted on social media shows the club turning off the music and turning on the lights as soldiers rampage. They started attacking the locals with chairs and fists.

Most of the restaurant’s guests fled, and some tried unsuccessfully to stop the attackers. Unofficially, it was said at the time that the soldiers began to mutiny after club employees refused to sell them alcohol.

Vladimir Putin issued a decree on September 21 on partial mobilization for the war with Ukraine and threatened to “use all means”. After the announcement, many cases of drunkenness were recorded among the recruits, and alarms were also raised about the terrible living conditions of the reservists and the low quality of the weapons that were given to them.

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