To koniec Google Pay. Nadchodzi Portfel Google. Co nowego?

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This is the end of Google Pay.  Here comes the Google Wallet.  what's new?
This is the end of Google Pay.  Here comes the Google Wallet.  what's new?
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Google Pay update started. It will recently be called Google Wallet and will introduce a number of new features. Users will be able to add to it not only payment cards, but also loyalty cards, gift cards and tickets. In the end, even the digital car keys.

The history is complete and Google has reverted to the name “Wallet”. As a reminder, Google Pay was previously called “Wallet”, but was later renamed Android Pay. Over time, Android Pay changed to Google Pay and now to Google Wallet. For several days now, users of the app can download the update, which brings some new features.

Payments are still the primary function of the wallet. It can be implemented as before – contactless or online (eg in applications). You can attach multiple cards to the wallet and switch between them as you like. In the new version of the application, you can also attach gift cards from several stores (eg MediaMarkt, Biedronka, Empik, Sodexo or Żabka). Interestingly, after adding a gift card to the wallet, its balance is visible to the user in Maps, Google Shopping and other services.

The wallet also allows you to store loyalty cards for dozens of stores (such as Payback, Tesco, Rossman, Lidl, Smyk, Circle K or Shell). Simply scan such a card or enter its data manually. Then, in the store, show the barcode on your smartphone and show it to the cashier.

Among the new options available to the Polish user is also “Tickets”. From what I can see, only tickets for foreign airlines are shown. Similarly, Wallet allows you to add boarding passes, event tickets, and other documents. However, the particular document must have its digital counterpart and options to add it to Google Wallet. According to the information material, it will also be possible to add a digital car key or COVID vaccination cards to Wallet. The latter option, however, is not yet available for users in Poland.

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do you have a question? write on [email protected] readers have been aware of the fact that Google has been planning changes to Google Pay for several months. I wrote about it after the Google I/O conference. I also mentioned at the time that work was underway to expand the Polish mObywatel app. The program will include, among other things, mobile payments, proxies, and more. More on that here.

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