Viplay further enhances the quality of pricing for new packages and how to cancel

Viaplay offered from the very beginning in Poland a single package with sports, movies and series. Currently, it still costs 34 PLN. In August, the platform announced that at the beginning of March 2023, the monthly fee will increase to 55 PLN.. At the same time, it introduced an annual package costing 399 PLN, that is 32.25 PLN per month, which can be purchased at the end of December.

We are constantly investing in developing the Viaplay streaming service to meet the high expectations of our customers, which is why we have adapted our offer accordingly.

Viaplay has now decided to put together an updated offer consisting of three packages.

– It has been more than a year since the launch of the Viaplay live streaming service in Poland and we can say that it has been a very successful period for us, during which we have gained more than 1 million Polish customers. Due to the continuous development of our service, the increase in the offer of available content and knowledge of the market, we are introducing new subscription packages in Poland, including different price options. By expanding the range of options offered, Viaplay subscribers will have more choices, enabling them to take advantage of offers that best suit their expectations; Giving more Polish customers a reason to try our services – confirms Alexander Bastin, EVP & CCO, Continental Europe & Baltics at Viaplay.

New packages: Total, Average, Movies and Series

From March, Viaplay’s full package in Poland will be called Total. It gives you access to all broadcasts of sporting events, including Premier League matches and Bundesliga matches, the UEFA Europa Conference League, the UEFA Europa League, KSW galas and Formula 1 racing, which will be presented by Viaplay in February. The show will also continue to include films, series (including Viaplay productions), documentaries and reality shows, as well as children’s programming.

The price for the total package will be 55 PLN. Viaplay has prepared a promotion for this year – the “Total” package will be available at a discount of PLN 44 per month if you purchase it for 12 months.

The Medium package will be a novelty, covering broadcasts of selected sporting events, as well as all VeiPlay productions, films and series, reality show formats and content for kids.

This package will include coverage of all sports competitions, excluding broadcasts of Premier League matches, Formula 1 racing and the KSW Festival.

The monthly subscription costs an average of 40 PLN.

Package without sport for 15 PLN per month

The third new package will be Films & Series, which has been created specifically for users who want to watch movies, series, reality shows and content for kids. The Movies and Series package will not include any sports broadcasts and will be available from March 9th.

The price is 15 PLN per month of subscription.

Viaplay announced that in 2023 several new programming proposals will be featured on the platformlike: “Morderczynie” – Viaplay’s first Polish long-running seriesand the program “Powerwomen Polska”, as well as the second season of the Norwegian series “Furia”, which was partly created in Poland with the participation of recognized Polish actors, including Boris Csek.

Customers interested in new subscription packages can change their subscription terms in their Viaplay account settings. The fee charged to existing Viaplay “Total” subscribers who have not changed their package will be automatically updated to the new price on the first invoice after March 1, 2023. Each Viaplay customer will receive all necessary information in an email.

In the third quarter of last year the number of Viaplay subscribers increased by 879,000 reaching 6.428 million, Of the 685 thousand obtained outside Scandinavia. In Poland, as in the Netherlands, the number of customers has exceeded a million.

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