June 2, 2023


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This is how Jacek Sutryk lives!  The president praised his new home [ZDJĘCIA]

This is how Jacek Sutryk lives! The president praised his new home [ZDJĘCIA]

Jacek Sutryk is recording a movie from his house in Sępolno, which he recently bought. – I have always been frank, transparent and will always tell the truth – persuade the chief and show us in the garden.

Jacek Sutryk’s house became famous after the president’s Super Express article indicated that he had bought the house from the owner of the Sparta Wrocław sports club. This one is backed by the city. Accommodation cost 1.6 million PLN. At that time, advisors became interested in the transaction.

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This morning (October 22), probably wanting to put an end to the rumors, the Wrocław chief showed netizens around his house. Of course, those who haven’t been blocked on Facebook yet.

– I wanted to show you what this place looks like, well, I have nothing to hide from you – says Jacek Sutryk. – Number like many – he adds.

Watch the movie the mayor of Wroclaw made at his home:

Those who can no longer access Jacek Sutryk’s account are sent to the gallery.

President Sutrik ensures that he has nothing to hide. The garage, the house is shown from the outside, he says, the broken swimming pool. He claims that there are drones flying over his garden and they are photographing them and slightly enhancing the appearance of his house. He states that his brother uses the garage. It ignores the question of who bought the property.

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