HBO Max: What is a weekend movie?  2 - 3 April 2022

What’s new this week on HBO Max? We are happy to tell you which movies and series you can watch on HBO Max. Of course, we will only recommend the best things.

Netflix doesn’t create series only in Poland. Yesterday, HBO Max presented the first Polish series. melting It begins when the body of a young woman is found in the icy waters on the bank of the Oder. The investigation is handled by Zawya, a policewoman in her thirties who does not give up easily. The first two episodes were released yesterday.

Also yesterday, the first two episodes of another series were released. This time in Hungarian. detective It tells the story of a secret agent. Twenty-year-old Jerry begins another year of studies at the Budapest University of Economics. He joined a reform group led by Shava. Jerry, however, hides a secret – he is recruited by the Communist secret police.

There was Poland, and there was Hungary, so now is the time for the Czech Republic. hungry together It is a Czech lifestyle program from HBO Max. We will set out on a journey through the culinary (and not only) corners of the Czech Republic. Our guide will be Lukáš Hejlík, the most influential gourmet in the Czech Republic, and his 14-year-old daughter Clara. The program also appeared yesterday. Here, at first, there were two episodes.

Do you prefer movies? Well, the blockbusters came out yesterday on the HBO Max website. Sherlock Holmes. The film revolves around a series starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. We’ll watch the first movie, where Holmes and Watson go on the trail of ritual murders, and a game of shadows. In the latter, Sherlock Holmes faces a cunning and ruthless opponent. Bad Moriarty is as smart as Holmes. The series was scheduled to be in its third season, but the events of the past two years stood in his way.

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