March 28, 2023


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This coach of The Voice is being flayed on social networks

Since the start of this new season the voiceCoach Corneille has been receiving a lot of praise from fans of the show on social media.

As he said, last week culminated in awe This is.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for his colleague Marjo, who has been criticized for many things.

First, not all viewers appreciate its passion and seriousness. In the context of a show like this, many note that it would be wise to tone down her interactions.

Others blame him for choosing songs for his candidates. Beyond the language (mostly, he prefers English pieces to French titles), the public believes that he doesn’t necessarily choose songs that suit artists. Some people angrily say that it is the composer, not the coach, who has the best ideas to improve the fight.

Also, many say they noticed him showing a certain favor to one of the two artists who were in production at the studio.

Of course, Marjo is not unanimous with the fans this year, but we have to admit that she brings a spontaneous, a new energy. the voice This, in our view, is more positive than negative.

Marc Dupré and Mario Pelchat, for their part, evoke less emotion than Marjo or Corneille.

See when it ends here the voice In this season.

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