Thieves attack by a football player in Atletico.  He and the club are eliminated from the Super Cup [WIDEO] Pi³ka no¿na

The Spanish Super Cup semi-final match was held on Wednesday evening at King Fahd Stadium in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. It was another version of the famous classico, ie a duel F.C.B with real Madrid. The first team was led by Carlo Ancelotti, who won 3-2 after extra time and reached the final.

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And, on Thursday, the second semi-final match was played at the same stadium where the opponent was scheduled to be determined real Madrid In the final of the competition. This time we saw the duel of the Spanish champions Atletico Madrid Athletic Bilbao. Since the beginning of the meeting, not much has happened. Both teams did not create favorable situations for each other to score a goal but rather were waiting for a mistake from the opponent. So the first half ended with a score of 0: 0.

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In the second half, things were a little different, mainly due to Athletic Onya goalkeeper Simon. The Spaniard showed a rather unsuccessful intervention, and therefore scored an own goal. This loss, however, put his side in attack and he managed to equalize first and then take the lead with Yerray Alvarez and Nico. Williamswe. Despite hard attempts, Atletico could no longer respond, so it was Marcelino’s players who made it to the final.

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At the end of the meeting, we still saw an unpleasant situation. Jose Maria Jimenez, who made a gang foul on Ingo Martinez, clearly couldn’t stand the pressure. The Uruguayan raised his leg too high when trying to clear the ball and, as a result, hit the traffic jam in the face of his opponent who was trying to clear the ball. It looked awful, but the referee initially only showed the Atletico defender a yellow card. However, he soon received a signal from a VAR car, then changed his decision and threw the foul off the field.

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