Mount Everest as seen from space.  A NASA astronaut took an unusual photo

The astronaut posted a picture of the Himalayas from above. The shot was taken from such a perspective that it’s hard to guess exactly where it is Mount Everest.

KzumolungmaAs the name of the highest peak in the world sounds otherwise, it rises to a height of 8848 meters above sea level, and is located in the Himalayas mountain range on the border between Nepal and China. It forms a huge mass surrounded on three sides by long tongues of glaciers.

Mark Vandy Hey He posted a photo from outer space, and asked his profile watchers if they could find the world’s tallest mountain. It turns out that the task is not easy.

By facilitating the search, we show its exact location in the mentioned image Mount Everest.

NASA astronaut located in International Space Station Since April 2021 and on his social media profiles, he has already posted many pictures of the corners of the world as seen from space.

The American mission ends in March 2022. Until then, we can definitely expect more shots from space by the astronaut.

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