Rukh Chorzo.  There is already a lift in the stadium to work on the light mast

On Tuesday (January 24, 2023), in the evening, heavy equipment appeared at the Ruch Chorzów stadium, on top of which was a lift high enough to remove the lighting mast, which is in very poor technical condition. The mast may tip over, for example two lanes of the Diametrical road towards Katowice are closed.

On Wednesday morning, Morris Chorzo issued a statement saying:
“The Municipal Center for Leisure and Sports has informed that the demolition work of Lighting Tower No. 2 of the Municipal Stadium at 6 Shisha Street in Khorzuf has started today, and according to the agreed schedule, it is scheduled to be completed by January 27, 2023.”

We wrote earlier:
The Blue Stadium was partially closed from January 16 to 2023, because this decision was made by the Building Supervision Inspector of Bouvets in Chorzów. The reason for the dismantling of the light mast was the result of the opinion of another expert commissioned by MORIS, who revealed a crack in the base of one of the ‘candles’ (the ones in the bed sector).

MORIS was initially looking for a company with a sufficiently high lift (about 50 metres). When he found it, it turned out that the company’s first available free date was last Saturday, January 21st. But at that time, according to information from MORIS, work had not started due to weather conditions.

Rukh Chorzo.  There is already a lift in the stadium to work on the light mast
Karina Trucuk

Dismantling of the mast is likely to begin on Wednesday 25 January. And on Tuesday evening, the movement’s spokesperson, Thomas Ferens, posted a photo on Twitter with the caption, “They arrived”:

However, since it was very likely that Roach would not be able to play in Chica on 11 February in the first league match of the spring with Chrobry Głogów, an alternative stadium was looked for. The club from Chorzów has reached an agreement with Gliwice and can move to Piast Stadium until the whole round. There is still the issue of signatures on the contract and approval of the PZPN Licensing Committee.

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