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PAP / Krzysztof Świderski / In the photo: PGE GiEK Skra Bełchatów volleyball players

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In the PlusLiga 8th round match, PGE GiEK Skra Bełchatów defeated Projekt Warszawa with a score of 3:1. This is a surprising result and only the first defeat for the capital club this season.

In one of the most interesting matches of the eighth round of PlusLiga, PGE GiEK Skra Bełchatów played Projekt in their home stadium. In this match, the visitors were favourites. The Warsaw team ranked second in the table, while the home team ranked only fourteenth. In addition, local residents were unable to use Mateusz Poreba.

The beginning of the match was in favor of the capital team. After a good attack from Artur Salbok, they took the lead 7:4. But then they lost their interest. Bełchatów’s team started to play more relaxed and effective. At one point they led by the first two points, 16:14. The visitors were not as effective as in the first minutes of the match. After touching the net, Andrea Gardini’s team was already ahead at 22:18. Although the guests in the end partially compensated for the losses, they did not change the fate of the party.

The second group had a different path. From the score 6:6, the Warsaw team gradually built up the points distance. After a successful block, they got four additional points, 15:11. Bełchatów’s team was not as flawless as in the previous match. And the guests played their game. As a result, the project won the second part of the match.

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In the third group, the lead changed. When Warsaw took the lead at 19:16 after a counter-attack from Bartłomiej Bołądź, it seemed that the group’s fate was already decided. Nothing could be further from the truth. Endless attack, a few good moves from Bełchatów and the result was a 20:20 draw. The set ended on a power play. Turns out the hosts were a little better.

The Warsaw team won the fourth set with a strong attack. After a successful play by Artur Szalpuk, they took the lead 8:3. Andrea Gardini asked for time immediately. Since the score was 11:6, Skra won three more points. And then I managed to catch up and tie the score 17:17. It was a tight end for the group once again. From the Warsaw side, Linus Weber finished the ball, and on the other side Bartlomiej Lipinski and Dawid Konarski. But at the decisive moment, the German did not finish his attacks. The Bełchatów team unexpectedly defeated the previously invincible Projekt Warszawa.

PGE GiEK Skra Bełchatów – Project Warszawa 3:1 (25:20, 21:25, 27:25, 25:23)

I want to: Łomacz, Konarski, Lemański, Nowak M., Aciobanitei, Lipiński, Diez (libero) and Nowak W., Kupka, Marek, Derouillon;

project: Verlej, Bolds, Rona, Semenyuk, Tiele, Salbuk, Wojtaček (libero), Weber, Kowalczyk, Grobelny.

best player: Dawid Konarski (Sukra)

PlusLiga schedule:

Plus Liga 2023/2024

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