They had to sail on a three-year sea voyage.  They were left without a ticket and possessions

The price paid by travelers for the promise of travel for three years was similar to the cost of living for that period. But many of them are not the only ones Huge savings were wastedBut also the possibility of returning to a previous life.

Initially, it was announced that the ship would sail from Istanbul on 1 November, but shortly before that date it was announced that it would be postponed to 11 November – this time to Amsterdam. The next date was November 30, again Amsterdam. However, less than two weeks before this date – November 17 – Passengers were informed that the cruise would not take place.

They had to sail on a three-year sea voyage. They got rid of their possessions

According to CNN, a total of 111 cabins have been reserved, and many passengers ready to depart are still in Istanbul, where they originally arrived. Some of them admit that in the current situation they have nowhere to return to because… While waiting for their trip around the world, they got rid of their belongings.

For many of them, the cruise was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime, on which they spent tens of thousands of dollars. Even if they are injured Refund promisedThey will have to wait at least several months to be able to fully recover them.

According to the company’s announcements, the installments are scheduled to be paid in monthly installments starting in December. And he announced it The entire process is scheduled to be completed by the end of February.

In addition, potential travelers were offered to pay for accommodation until December 1 and return flights home from Istanbul. However, not everyone has something to return to.

“Some people have nowhere to go”

– There are a lot of people now who have nowhere to go. One infected passenger told CNN that some people need a refund even to plan where to go now.

Many of them sold their homes or closed their businesses, In order to raise money for the cruise.

– I was proud of myself and felt that this was an expression of my courage, because now I cannot trust anyone. I know everything will work out, A Life will go on, but I don’t know in what direction – said another traveler.

There were expressions of sadness and feelings among the voices Being betrayed, disappointed or deceived. -For the next three years of my life, I planned to live an extraordinary life, and now I have nothing. They said it was hard for me to move on, while others added that they “never imagined they would be in this situation as seniors.”

The passengers also felt sorry Losing the opportunity to make new friends. They claim that their community began forming long before the trip and they were really hoping to meet new people during the trip.

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