Sfora wilków uciekła z wybiegu w ogrodzie zoologicznym  (fot. Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on Saturday that the zoo in Montredon-La Pisona, in southern France, was temporarily closed after a pack of nine wolves escaped from one of the enclosures while visitors were at the zoo. No one was injured in connection with the accident.

Wild animals escaped from the zoo. Including tigers, lions and bear

Two Siberian tigers, two lions and a jaguar who escaped from a zoo in Germany are already in cages. Animals lost after the storm…

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– There was an incident involving a group of wolves (…). Fabian Chollet, general secretary of the Tarn county in which the zoo is located, said that the owner (the zoo) had to shoot four of them, and the remaining five were temporarily put to sleep by specialized services who were called to the scene.

The zoo is home to around 600 animals of 70 different species

– When the wolves were far from their permanent place of residence, there were not many visitors to the zoo, and people were not at any time in immediate danger – he emphasized.

Trois Valais Zoo covers an area of ​​60 hectares and houses about 600 animals of 70 different species.

The zoo will remain closed until mid-January next year Due to – as stated – urgent maintenance work.

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