What is 2x+6=10?  The mathematical equation that divided the whole world!

The problem of calculating the equation 2x+6=10 caused a stir on Twitter. In just over a month, the post on this social media site achieved massive reach, several hundred thousand likes, and collected tens of thousands of online comments from mathematicians who decided to take on this challenge. Moreover, there are also tens of thousands of people who simply saved the tweet and checked daily if anyone had managed to find out how difficult this task was. When some solved the equation, others invalidated the answers, indicating a completely different result. Complete chaos ensued, making it difficult to determine the correct solution.

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2x+6=10 – How much?

What is 2x+6=10? This year’s high school graduates should not face any problems in solving this task, and we will not be surprised if the Central Examinations Council decides to include such an equation in next year’s papers. Foreign media also wrote about this task, and we decided to find a ready-made answer for you. How to solve this math puzzle?

An online mathematician suggested the answer: Turn 2x inside out and subtract 10-6 after the equals sign. According to the “xes inside out” rule. According to him, you should then enter 2x and after the equal sign the result of the subtraction operation, i.e. 4. Then on the left side, leave x and after the equal sign write in parentheses (4)(2). The remaining “x” on the left side should be 8. However, this may be too simple for an advanced math task.

The most common solution was to proceed in the following order: subtract 6 from both sides. Then simplify the expression, i.e. subtract the numbers: 2x + 6-6 = 10-6, which gives 2x = 4. Then you had to divide both sides by the same divisor: 2x = 4, which gives (in a fraction) 2x /2 = 4/2, which after simplification gives x=4/2, i.e. x=2.

There were also those who achieved a different, almost cosmic score of 416,746,121. We definitely advise these people to practice their sports skills!

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