Serve the lobster nebula as if on a plate.  Scientists celebrate a special jubilee

dark energy camera It is an instrument mounted on a 4-meter telescope Victor M Blanco at the Cerro Tololo Pan-American Observatory in Chile. It’s part of the project Dark Energy SurveyWho is looking for evidence of the existence of dark energy. As he searches, he combs the entire sky, immortalizing the amazing faces of the universe.

On Monday, September 12, a post appeared online containing Photograph of the Lobster Nebula (NGC 6357). this is About 8000 light years from Earthextending to About 400 light years. Looking at her from our point of view, she’s standing in the background Scorpio.

Within the nebula, intense star formation processes are taking place, accompanied by many amazing phenomena. Interstellar winds, galactic radiation, and strong magnetic fields He made the cloud-like nebula formations curl into stunning braids.

Photography reveals the beauty of this process too open group of starsIts glow is dispersed in clouds of gas and dust, creating a distinctive feature halo effect.

dark energy camera It is one of the most efficient wide angle cameras in the world. The device saves 400 to 500 photos overnight. Recently, she reached another milestone in her performance by playing sports million single exposures since its inception.

When creating new images, astronomers look for evidence of dark energy. This is exactly The photo was created using special filterswhich isolate certain wavelengths of light. By observing distant star clusters in solitary light, scientists can track many parameters that provide data on them Motions, temperature and chemistry of distant star-forming regions.

Picture of the Lobster Nebula It is the culmination of my last 10 years of camera work. Presented at a special conference held September 12 in Tucson, Arizona.

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