These words created 2023

They stood out this year and caused quite a stir. From the schoolhouse to the coffee machine, 10 words that represent 2023 in different areas.


Photo by Francois Roy, La Presse Archives

The youngsters in the class started chanting the word “Quoicoubeh” and it became a phenomenon.

what Have you already forgotten “quoicoubeh”? Although the fashion effect has faded, parents and teachers certainly remember it. Theoretically, we can call this trivial answer “what?” We throw that to the answerer. » Popularized on TikTok by Cameron Djassogue, a Frenchman known as LaVache (@camskolavache) in December 2022. But it wasn't until 2023 that it was really embraced by young people to the point of sparking media interest on both sides of the Atlantic.

Valerie Simard, Pres

Air fryer

Photo by Marco Campanosi, Archives Law Press

Hot air fryer or Air fryer

The hot air fryer, which cooks food faster than a traditional oven, continues to gain fans this year. “Air Fryer Fan(s)” (an actual Facebook group, with nearly 127,000 members) are everywhere. A minor setback for this new cook favorite last February: manufacturer Cosori recalled more than two million devices sold on the continent (Canada, the United States and Mexico) due to a fire risk.

Sylvia Kalibo, Pres


Photo by Jacques Bosinot, Canadian Press Archives

Parti Québécois President Paul St-Pierre Plamonton and Jean-Dalon MP Pascal Paradis

We are no longer talking about Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, but about the PSPP. The leader of the Parti Québécois had a solid year with 98.51% support at the party's convention on March 11. His popularity continued to rise when the Parti Québécois captured the riding of Jean-Dalon from Coalition Avenir Quebec in a by-election in October. What's the point of everyone calling it PSPP: we don't hesitate between the names Paul St-Pierre Plamonton and Pierre St-Paul Plamonton!

Mary Disson, Pres


Photo by Matt Rourke, Archives Associated Press

ChatGPT has been lauded, criticized, panned, shunned…

Created at the end of 2022, it's actually 2023 and ChatGPT is out of the bag! A conversational robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) has been praised, criticized, mocked, shunned… As evidenced, the software's profile was the most consulted by Internet users on Wikipedia in 2023. Awareness of the need for guidelines was imposed by the mob because, as others say, great power means great responsibility.

Sylvain Sarasin, Pres

Charles III

Photo by Oli Scharf, Agence France-Presse Archives

Charles III became King of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

On Saturday 6 May, at Westminster Abbey, Charles III became King of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. He thus officially made history… and almost 70 years after the coronation of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on June 2, 1953, Charles III took the oath of office in a very solemn ceremony, placing his hands on a Bible. It brought together numerous heads of state and heads of government from around the world.

Olivia Levy, Pres


Photo by Josie Desmarais, La Presse Archives

In June, smog from the smog engulfed many cities.

A succession of freezing rain, floods and wildfires has raised the level of environmental concern for many in 2023. Smoke-induced smog enveloped many cities in June, while experts confirmed that Quebec could face some of the most extreme weather episodes to look forward to. In early July, director Xavier Dolan made a statement to a Spanish newspaper the world Made a big noise. Did he really say he wanted to build a house in the country with his friends and watch the world burn? Never, he replied.

Valerie Simard, Pres


Photo by Scott Garfitt, Archives Associated Press

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie star in the film Barbie.

The portmanteau that caused so much debate in July was the result of a massive publicity stunt. Objective: To promote the launch of two mega products – Barbie And Oppenheimer – By creating a false match. Internet users contributed everything, including memes, drawings and video montages, with many debating the best order to watch the two films in one day, totaling nearly 300 minutes of viewing. !

Sylvia Kalibo, Pres


Photo by Thado Ruvik, Archives Reuters

Elon Musk renamed his Twitter network X.

Do you still mean Twitter? You are very 2022! Elon X said everyone should repeat after him. In the summer of 2023, the eccentric billionaire who bought the social network last year at great expense suddenly knocked out its original blue bird. Under Musk's leadership, the site has lost its feathers, stripped of more than half of its advertising revenue and faced controversy over the circulation of racist and anti-Semitic messages.

Sylvain Sarasin, Pres


Photo by Ricardo Moraes, Archives Reuters

Taylor Swift fans wait outside before their idol's concert.

At the risk of repeating myself, Taylor Swift is without a doubt the most talked about artist of the year. She never would have made it without her army of “Swifties”. Through strength in numbers, his fans have proven that they can fill arenas night after night, influence politics and invest in the most prestigious universities: Harvard offers a course on the singer's musical universe!

Leah Carrier, Pres

Flip the phone over

Photo by Pascal Rathe, special collaboration

Flip phone or Flip the phone over It reappeared this year.

From mothballs, the flip phone made an unexpected comeback this year, brought back by nostalgic youths in front of social media and tech giants who sensed a bargain. Again this year, new and improved models hit the market: Samsung's Galaxy Flip5 and its more affordable competitor, Motorola's Razr 40.

Leah Carrier, Pres

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