Celine Dion releases a rare family photo for Mother's Day

Celine Dion posted a captivating family photo of herself surrounded by her sons for Mother’s Day on Instagram.

While Mother’s Day is celebrated in France on May 29, most parts of the world already celebrate Mother’s Day on May 8. For the occasion, Celine Dion Shared a sweet family photo on Instagram. Singer Again he was forced to postpone his European tour Is prudent on social networks due to health issues. But this Sunday, there was no pose surrounded by his three sons Rene-Charles and twins Eddie and Nelson.

Happy mom and her boys aged 21 and 11 , Born at the wedding with Rene Angel, posed together in front of a cake containing four candles. The film also features a speech in which the star pays tribute again to the victims of the war in Ukraine, for which he has had constant words in recent weeks.

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“On this Mother’s Day, I feel so blessed to be able to be with my children, and I have so much better intention for mothers who have lost their children in Ukraine and around the world …”, he writes. Text in English and French. She adds, “I think of those mothers who are constantly concerned about the safety of their children … and I think of mothers who dedicate every ounce of their energy to providing the living necessities for their children. These mothers are really brave and I dedicate this special day to them. We pray for their families to find comfort and peace in this world. ”

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