Epic Games delivers another hit.  You don't have much time to follow the game

Ghostwire: Tokyo It debuted in March 2022 on the initiative of the aforementioned Tango Gameworks. The game was published by Bethesde Softworks. As the name of the work suggests, the events take place in Tokyo, which is controlled by supernatural creatures. Our mission is to uncover the city's greatest secrets.

During the game, we will play the role of the main protagonist, one of the few who managed to survive. The mainstay of the game is the constant fight against the threats surrounding us. Each ghost must be dealt with individually in this encounter – they have a specific fighting style and unique skills.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available for free on Epic Games It has also been equipped with the 'Spider Thread' update, which introduces a number of changes, including: a new area to explore, more cutscenes, and a whole host of new enemies.

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