March 24, 2023


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These Quebec stars represent the graduation of their youth

These Quebec stars represent the graduation of their youth

Who says the June school year ends, and for some it also marks the end of high school.

The youngsters of some Quebec stars recently closed this important chapter and their parents wanted to highlight this significant moment on social networks.

Here are three Quebec stars celebrating their teenage graduation:

Saskia Duat

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“Another big step. Dear Lawrence rushes into life and crashes every second! I know nothing can stop you. You can always count on my support and my unconditional love.

Melanie Maynard

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“I demand a refund for the planned obsolescence !! This case should not have aged so quickly! Twelve years of schooling so two points. Congratulations on your graduation, old little one, I’m proud to think of you.❤

In the name of Jean-Fran்கois

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“Done, the one who finished my last schooling! No, but it goes fast! Cheer nat_baril For the effort! Congratulations on the future. “

Congratulations to the new graduates!

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