5 people who could replace Gino Chouinard at Salut Bonjour, according to our readers

On Tuesday morning, Gino Soinard shocked all of Quebec. He announced his departure at the Salute Bonjour bar.

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The morning show host will bow out in June 2024, at the end of its 17th season. Interviewed in the pages of the magazine weekNow in the newspapers, he explained This is a long considered decision.

So if not for now, we were eager for the audience to know who would pick up the torch. So we surveyed internet users on our social networks and some of the most frequent names.

Here are 5 who could replace Gino Chouinard hello hello According to our readers:

1) Eve-Marie Lordi

Photo by QMI Agency, Dominique Gravel

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For the majority of respondents, Eve-Marie seems to be the right person to lead hello hello during the week. The host of the weekend edition knows the workings of the show well.

2) Matthew Roy

Steve Madden/QMI Agency

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Already part of the extended family Hello, Where he collaborates as a social media columnist, Mathew Roy’s name comes up several times.

3) Dave Morissette

Photo courtesy of Eric Meier

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Dave Morissette has been named several times by internet users and has been a columnist on the show in recent years.

4) On Jean-Francois Baril

Archive photo by Martin Alary

An occasional columnist, the sympathetic Jean-Francois Baril seems a good choice according to many observers.

5) Sebastien Benoit

Photo by Joel Lemay, QMI Agency

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A seasoned animator who no longer needs to prove himself, Sébastien Benoit has accumulated enough experience to direct a large production. hello hello.

Whether any of them will steer the big boat or not remains to be seen hello hello. We will have to wait until 2024 to find out! Until then, enjoy the last few months with Gino Chouinard!

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