Refugees from Ukraine.  Benefit liquidation 40 zlotys. Poll: most for

The newspaper states that from July 1, the government will stop paying special tips to those who They accepted refugees from Ukraine – So far they have received Bo 40 PLN per day per personThey provided her with food and housing.

In the IBRiS survey, the majority of respondents evaluated the government’s decision favorably – a total of 63.4%. Some of them say it is “definitely good” or “fairly good”. On the contrary, less than every third, a Only 11.6 per cent of the vote is definitely decisive.

Rzeczpospolita points out that proponents express greater support for benefit liquidation united right From the opposition, women are more than men. It is most common among the elderly, Least among the youth. full because 100% Świętokrzyskie residents expressed their support for the liquidation of “40 zlotys”. – None of the respondents residing there criticized the government’s decision. It is also highly accepted by the county residents. Podlasie (86%), Lodz or Podkarbasi. In contrast, in Silesia or the Opole region – only a little more than 40 percent.

The IBRiS survey of “Rzeczpospolita” was conducted on 3-4 June this year, using the CATI method, on a group of 1,000 respondents.

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