These OnePlus 12 specifications will take the pulp out of Samsung and Apple

A storm of rumors and leaks about the OnePlus 12 phone heralds its imminent launch. The manufacturer confirmed that its new flagship phone will contain a new Sony camera, which has been announced as the best in its class. We previously learned about several elements of the OnePlus 12 specifications. To say that it looks great is an understatement.

the first show OnePlus 12 It is now at your fingertips. The smartphone will be presented in the manufacturer’s domestic market in 2023, and perhaps even in November. Globally, that is, among others in Poland, it is expected to appear in the first quarter of next year.

As is often the case with Chinese manufacturers, OnePlus is promoting its flagship product even before the official presentation by revealing some of its secrets.

OnePlus 12: specifications on the verge of perfection

OnePlus has devoted a lot of attention to improving the OnePlus 12 camera. Previously, it mentioned a lot of work on algorithms to ensure that the phone takes perfect photos in all possible conditions. Now the company prides itself on its own hardware solutions.

OnePlus announced that it will appear in the OnePlus 12 New Sony LYT-808 with Lytia sensor, which is described as the best in its class. In addition, it will be more accurate with solutions Hasselblad.

It will also appear on the OnePlus 12 A true telephoto lens, because it is a periscope. This means that it will be presented at least 3x optical zoom. We know 100% that it will be 64MP.

OnePlus also confirms that its new flagship will be equipped with 2K Pro XDR, recently introduced by the Bank of England. Its parameters are: Resolution 3168 x 1440 pixels, Adaptive LTPO update The maximum brightness level 2600 lumens.

Previous testimonials have also confirmed their support for 50W wireless chargingWhat with a powerful battery 5400 mAh More than recommended. The presence of the processor is clear Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 3rd generation With memories LPDDR5x And UFS 4.0.

The image of the upcoming ideal model in the form of the OnePlus 12 is marred by information about the degree of water resistance. These most reliable sources mostly talk about it IP64. Only on premiere day will we find out if this is true.

If you need a new phone here and now, even a low-end one, I’d like to remind you of the great promo for a very mid-range OnePlus phone with 16GB of RAM:

Mój król opłacalności w kuszącej cenie. Ma 16 GB RAM, AMOLED 120 Hz i 50 MP z OIS


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