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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid broke up – this information was circulated in the media in the last hours. Fans of the couple do not believe this, especially since there is information that the artist was about to argue with his partner’s mother and push her into a sideboard.

Zayn Malik I
Gigi Hadid They have been together for nearly six years. The story of their relationship is very turbulent and filled with tumultuous breakups and even higher returns. Joint covers, solemn events, informative promises of love intertwined with crises – this is the reality of the relationship of Malik and Hadid.
When the couple had a child, It seems that the crisis has finally been resolved. Unfortunately, the media just broke the news about the separation of the spouses – as it turned out, there is a family quarrel in the background, which was supposed to happen with Gigi’s mother – Yolanda. The woman accused Zayn of insulting her and even went so far as to fist and shove her against the wardrobe.

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Zayn Malik attacked Gigi Hadid’s mother?

According to the latest reports of the American websites, the quarrel occurred at the end of September at the couple’s home. The reason for the controversy was not revealed, but Zayn was asked to let his nerves down during it. He began to challenge Yolanda and was supposed to call her “Dutch Slut” and order her “to stay away from his damned daughter”. He then pushed Gigi’s mother into the closet, causing her “psychological suffering and physical pain”.

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Like reported US rumor sites, Yolanda made the decision almost immediately to report the matter to the police. The result was four charges against Malik. So far, the artist has officially denied the situation, and reported on Twitter that she did not hit Gigi’s mother, but rather to encourage her to rethink her accusations in his direction. According to TMZ, Zayn pleaded guilty to one of the charges. Other reports show that the star was supposed to plead guilty.

The whole situation ended with the punishment of Malik, who, according to reports, was fined and supervised by a probation officer for more than a year. Additionally, the star is completing anger management classes and a domestic violence monitoring program. He was also denied contact with Yolanda Hadid.

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