January 27, 2023


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Rosjanie strzelają do cywilów na Ukrainie (fot. EPA/ROMAN PILIPEY, PAP/EPA,  twitter.com/TheLeadCNN)

Ukraine. There is a movie where the Russians shoot Ukrainian civilians in the back

US broadcaster CNN released a recording from Ukrainian monitoring. The video shows Russian occupation soldiers shooting civilians from behind. This is clear evidence of a war crime. The men who were shot were not military, had no weapons, and had not acted aggressively.

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A soldier of the Ukrainian Army tests a light and useful carbine for NATO. This is the Polish MSBS Grot C16A2, which, according to the film shared on the Web, …

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This situation happened a few weeks ago (at the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine) near Kyiv.

The Russians appeared in front of a car dealership. The owner of the facility and one of the workers went out to see them.

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The security guard told reporters that the occupiers only asked for personal data and that Do Ukrainians have cigarettes. After a short exchange of views, the civilians began to move away from the gate. Then the Russians started shooting.

The owner of the salon was killed on the spot. In turn, the employee was seriously injured, and forcefully got to the office and called for help. Despite resuscitation, the employer cannot be saved.

And the daughter of one of the men did not hide her tears, as she told CNN about the details of the accident. After the Russians committed the murder, they celebrated and drank alcohol.

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