These funds may expire.  NBP advises what to do with them

Although cashless payments are becoming more common, we still sometimes pay for purchases in a traditional way. Probably each of us has seen worn out coins or damaged banknotes in circulation.

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It is not worth keeping these payment methods in your wallet, especially before the holidays, when we often pay in cash in traditional markets. a reason? The treasurer will have every right not to accept it. Fortunately, we can avoid the hassle. This was stated in Order of the President of the National Bank of Poland No. 31/2013 dated December 17, 2013.

Where can damaged money be replaced?

It turns out that the exchange can be made in any bank in Poland. However, according to Interia Biznes, there are exceptions when we do not receive the equivalent of destroyed funds and may even be left with nothing. if The damage is not significant, and replacement is usually done immediately.

However, we may hear rejection when we want to replace severely damaged money. These copies are accepted upon request and sent to the Central Bank. To complete the appropriate application, you must provide personal details and basic contact information. We are supposed to later receive a decision from the Polish National Bank on the replacement of damaged funds.

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When will we not receive a full refund for the damaged funds? When we have Part of a banknote or coin, we will get only 50%. Rate themSometimes we receive nothing and change does not happen.

The order of the President of the Polish National Bank states that we will receive 100 percent. The value of damaged money depends on several conditions. when More than 75 percent has been preserved. The surface of the banknote in one part, The banknote is torn into several pieces (not more than 9), which in total constitute the entire damaged banknote, The coin is made up of one or two pieces – The core and the ring.

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Meanwhile, we can count on 50 percent. The value of damaged money when 45% of it has been preserved. Up to 75% of the banknote’s surface in one piece Or only one of the two parts of the coin has been preserved – essence the bell.

When will the bank not disburse the money?

If we bring a damaged banknote to the bank, we will have to complete a short formality. In the presence of the person making the delivery, the employee of the institution is obliged to paste the banknote if possible and add a note – whether it is 100%. Or 50 percent of the banknote we want to exchange. The money then goes to the Polish National Bank, where the decision is made on what to do next.

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but Transferring damaged funds to the Polish National Bank does not always lead to a replacement. This will happen if Less than 45 percent survived. The surface of the banknote is one piece. A similar situation would occur if We will bring a piece of one coin – a ring or a core – to the bank.

Then the Polish National Bank will not only not exchange them for new ones, but may not also return the transferred parts. If the applicant does not report the funds to be exchanged within 6 months, the National Tax Office will destroy them.


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