Disney in concert: Veronique Clave brings her character back to life from “Frozen”

Véronique Claveau thrives on new challenges and happy projects. He had the chance to meet his longtime friend Marc-André Fortin on stage for the new show Disney in Concert: A Dream is a Wish Offered himself to her, the singer could not refuse her.

He has dubbed for Anna in films Snow QueenThe multi-talented actress will be more than happy to sing the song again this weekend Update He hasn’t sung since recording vocals in the studio in 2013.

“And I get a chance to do that with the band [Philharmonique du Québec] At Wilfrid-Pelletier… it will be a special moment for me for sure,” she said between two rehearsals. The film was a huge hit with his little family who came to attend one of the shows. “My daughter still wears the Elsa costume,” she confirmed with a laugh.

Toma ICZKovits

This mid-season event, lasting one weekend only, will highlight musical classics from Disney movies, Cinderella has Mona.

“There are actually many styles; Cars It’s a bit more rocky, The Princess and the Frog It takes place in New Orleans, so it’s a little more Cajun music,” said Joel Legendre, who directs the show, the first of Wilfrid-Pelletier’s famous stages.

Disney in Concert: Veronique Clave as her character

Toma ICZKovits

“Disney always seemed to bring me luck in my life; I dubbed for the first time Aladdin There, I go to the biggest place in Montreal for the first time, again with Disney. It seems to come with me,” he said with a broad smile, Thursday, in the rehearsal room.

He also said that he was more happy to stage 50 musicians and four singers than to sing the theme song. A new world. “I have no regrets. I think it’s great that Marc-Andre sang it, he sang it really well,” he continued.

Un spectacle International

Disney in Concert Just for Laughs is an international format. Joel Legendre adapted it into a French-speaking version.

“One special thing I added was to do post-synchronization like dubbing, because I saw the characters talking, but no words … it was loud “I’ve been doing this for 35 years, I added the little ones,” said the director.

Dressed in beautiful costumes, four artists, Véronique Claveau, Marc-André Fortin, Sarah-Maude Desgagnés and Philippe Touzel, will accompany the Orchester Philharmonique du Québec under the direction of Alexandre Da Costa, while cartoons appear on a giant screen.

Disney in Concert: Veronique Clave as her character

Toma ICZKovits

Projects don’t stretch

In an interview with the QMI agency, Véronique Claveau admitted that she has a weakness for relatively short projects that allow her to touch everything. “It’s a world with so many opportunities and so many talents. I find it fun to meet people and to be able to discover others,” she says, citing an example of her colleague Sarah-Maud, whom she considers extraordinary and whose talent amazes her.

“A project like this Disney in Concert It’s something that won’t come again, it’s a moment that I savor, but it’s over and we’re moving on to something else,” said the winner of the first season. Mask singers.

Disney in Concert: A Dream is a Wish Presented at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on the Place des Arts from November 24 to 26.

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