There was a strange rumbling noise coming from the field.  Suddenly a volcano rose from the ground

These were not the sights that local farmer Dioniso Pulido expected when he went out to tend his field on February 20, 1943. He saw it with his own eyes. The land is dividedA cone begins to form at the site of the incision. By the end of the day he had covered 50 metres, and that was just the beginning.

Several days ago, local residents from the villages of Paricutin and San Juan heard the voice of Parangaricutero Strange thunder, the source of which we could not determine. On February 20, 1943, their origins became clear. Pulido, who was tending the cornfield, became a witness Volcano formation.

A fissure appeared in the ground for the first time, and volcanic material soon began to seep out of it. Already at the end of the first day the cone was 50 meters high. After a few days, its length reached 100 metres, and after a year it reached almost 300 metres. The volcano's activity has not ended – The residents of the area were soon forced to evacuate. The explosion has begun. The volcano was continuously active for the next eight years. Today it is 3170 meters above sea level

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