There is new data on the average salary in Poland.  And the last for 2023

Average monthly salary in November 2023 – Central Bureau of Statistics data

In December 2023, average employment in the enterprise sector decreased by 0.1% compared to December 2022. It amounted to 6,495.3 thousand full-time jobs. Compared to the previous month, average employment was recorded at a similar level – the Central Statistical Office reported.

Average monthly salary in the corporate sector in December 2023 compared to December 2022. It rose nominally by 9.6%. The total amounted to 8032.96 Polish zlotys.

Relative to November 2023 Average monthly gross salary increased nominally by 4.7%. – Reports of the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The enterprise sector is part of the national economy, which means that the data relates to entities that engage in commercial activities classified as Selected types of activities PKD 2007, employing 10 or more people. Therefore, the study does not include, among others: public administration, education, health care and social assistance. Basic data on this sector is published monthly, and on the overall national economy on a quarterly basis, for example in statistical information on employment and wages in the national economy.

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According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the increase in wages was due, among other things, toQuarterly and annual bonus payments, holiday bonuses, annual and jubilee bonuses, and awards on the occasion of Miners' Day, Overtime payments, as well as end-of-service pension benefits (which, in addition to basic salaries, are also included in the pay components).

The largest nominal increase in the average monthly gross salary compared to the previous month came in the Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting and Fishing Department (by 82.8%). The highest value of the average monthly salary was recorded in December 2023, similar to last month, in the Mining and Quarrying Department, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Expert forecasts

Even before the data was published, ING analysts provided their forecasts. “December is traditionally the month of payment of annual bonuses and prizes in the mining and energy sectors, but last year some of them actually took place in October. Therefore, we appreciate that Average income The corporate sector rose 9.4% in December. On an annual basis (consensus: 11.6 percent) after an increase of 11.8 percent on an annual basis in November, recording a single-digit growth rate for the first time since January 2022.”

They also presented their predictions. “In 2024 We expect the high rate of wage growth to continue (More than 10 percent) including: “Due to the record low unemployment rate and the increase in the minimum wage from PLN 3,600 to a total of PLN 4,242 as of January 1, 2024,” they wrote in their analysis.

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