Eric Duhaime Poilievre should join the team

Canada's Conservative Party could make waves if we're to believe that voting intentions are projected, according to several consecutive polls. However, this trend does not seem to have been confirmed in Quebec. Indeed, Quebecers are skeptical of Pierre Poilievre's charm and his strategy and his proposals.

Despite the uptick in the polls, he ranks third behind the Liberals and the Bloc Québécois in voting intentions in Quebec. This situation is far from what we see in other provinces.

How to explain this resistance? Does this not apply to the function of the new leader? Is this a reaction to his refusal to adapt his strategy to Quebec, unlike his predecessors? Or is it a desperate desire to win elections without taking Quebec into account? Hard to say.

The Quebec Conservative Caucus is arguably one of the most astute, if not the most, media landscape. Apart from Quebec Lt. Pierre Paul Hus, who supported Pierre Poilievre during the leadership race, other members of the caucus are sparse. The challenge is perhaps visibility, and to overcome this, Pierre Poilievre must attract new strong personalities, who fully embrace their positions, to carry his voice and his vision. One personality immediately springs to mind: Eric Duheim.

It cannot be denied that Quebec's Conservative Party faces internal and external problems. These difficulties are not due to the poor performance of its leader, but to the lack of consensus among activists, which makes governance and stabilization more complicated.

So we can safely conclude that Eric Duheim has a more promising political future than his current party. However, he needs a new political vehicle, and the federal conservatives could be that vehicle. It is a convergence of interests, positions and ideologies. The stars seem aligned for a political breakthrough that could radically change the situation for the Conservatives at the federal and provincial levels.

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