There is approval to use an important road.  It will speed up the journey to Warsaw

The General Directorate of National Roads and Highways boasted the operation of a major section of the S7 motorway near Warsaw. We are talking about the part between the cities of Lesznowola and Tarczyn Północ. Although road engineers had previously made the aforementioned section available to drivers on an acceptable basis, this section has now officially acquired the status of a highway. For drivers of passenger cars, motorcycles and trucks with a gross weight of up to 3.5 tons, this means the possibility of driving at speeds of up to 120 km/h.

Travelers can use the full cross-section of two tracks for a distance of more than 17 kilometres. GDDKiA confirms that as part of the works, the combined lane of the two highways, S7 and S8, which has been assembled so far in the section between the Opacz interchange on the southern bypass of Warsaw and Janki, has been divided. The exit route towards Kraków currently starts at the Warszawa Lotnisko junction and allows travel on a dual carriageway to the Miechów junction, which is approximately 240 km away.

The mentioned section is an important part of the S7 Warsaw – Grójec highway with a length of more than 29 km, i.e. the southern exit from Warsaw. The investment was divided into three sections between the intersections:

  • Warsaw-Lesznola Airport, 6.6 km long, opened to traffic on August 30, 2022.
  • Lesznowola – Tarczyn Północ, 14.8 km long, was opened to traffic on April 28, 2023.
  • Tarczyn Północ – the beginning of the Grójec bypass road, 7.9 km long, which was opened to traffic in December 2020.

Meanwhile, GDDKiA indicates that finishing work in the aforementioned section is still underway. Mieszkowo passenger service areas, located on both sides of S7, between Antoninów and Złotokłos intersections, will continue until the end of March. It will be available to drivers once they obtain the appropriate permit. In April, the final phase of work related to the implementation of the contract for the renewal of 17 kilometers of the existing track of DK7 from Sękocin Stary to Rembertów will begin.

Road workers stress that this is not the end of the investment. Drivers are scheduled to get other parts of the S7 later this year. After the Miechów – Szczepanowice section is made available, road engineers plan to connect the road to the already existing section of the road between Szczepanowice and Widoma. In November, a continuation to the Mistrzejowice interchange and a temporary connection with the S52 Northern Bypass in Krakow will be provided.

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