The Carrefour beetle recalls Russian and Belarusian products from the shelves

network Ladybug With immediate effect, it pulls Russian and Belarusian products off the shelves in all of its stores in Poland. It’s about conquest Russia Belarus allied with it to Ukraine. This information was confirmed by the Head of Corporate Communications at Jeronimo Martins Polska, Arkadiusz Mierzwa.

From March 1, products from Russia and Belarus from the Biedronki series and Carrefour series will disappear. Żabka suspends commands

Due to the decision of the Biedronka chain, on March 1 of this year, the sale of Russian and Belarusian products, among others, was marked with EAN codes starting with numbers in the range 460-469 and 481. In practice, this means that it will not be possible to buy , among other things, Russian vodkas such as Beluga, Russian Standard, and Żurawie; Pine is under the private brand BAKAD’OR, the production of which is dominated by suppliers from Russia. Products originally planned as part of promotional campaigns will also not be included in the offer.

– We support our Ukrainian friends. Together with relief organizations, we help war refugees by donating products. Another step in solidarity with Ukraine is our disapproval of the presence of Russian and Belarusian products in the Pedronka show. Even if there were only dozens of them, we think it should be done now – says Maciej Ukowski, Director of Procurement and a member of the board of directors of the Pedronka Chain.

At the same time, the Biedronka network, together with suppliers, reviews the raw materials that make up the components of the products sold in the network, in order to eliminate those produced in Russia and Belarus as soon as possible.

The Carrefour chain also made the same decision as Pedronka.

In connection with the war in Ukraine, the Carrefour Polska chain decided to withdraw all products from Russia and Belarus from sale in its stores. The chain also does not intend to place new orders for Russian and Belarusian products – We read in the statement sent to the portal

Aldi also says no to Russian and Belarusian products. – We are currently withdrawing Russian products from our stores and do not plan to introduce both products from Russia and Belarus to our offer – reports the press service of the network.

– Because of the current situation, economic tools have become an essential means for the international community to counter Russian aggression against Ukraine. M.Due to this awareness, we have decided to suspend orders for products from the Russian Federation and Belarus. As a result, marketing communications related to these products will also be withdrawn – this is the position of the Żabka Polska network, which moved to on Tuesday after 13:00.

Retailers are dumping products from Russia and Belarus

Retail chains Netto, Stokrotka, Polo, Topaz, Polomarket, Stokrotka, Rossmann pharmacies and DIY stores announced the withdrawal of Russian products from their offer. The online shopping platform decided to take the same step, while InPost will not buy Belarusian or Russian services and products.

frisco online store, For two years, a member of Eurocash Holding announced on Monday that he had resigned last Friday “in a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine” over the sale of products from Russia and Belarus.

After other players, more retail chains withdraw market products from Russia and Belarus. All actions are in response to the Russian armed attack on Ukraine

On Tuesday morning, the management of Primavera Parfum, an e-commerce distributor in the beauty industry, decided to immediately withdraw all Russian products from its offer. . The company is also involved in helping war refugees.

In a statement posted on the site, the Primavera Parfum administration informed the reasons for the sanctions: “We are appalled to note the process of destroying the basic ideas based on freedom and equality, which are no longer in the mouths of Russian politicians. It is a common propaganda slogan. We do not agree with such a scenario, which is why it is taking Primavera Parfum Group Radical Measures”.

As a result of the decision, Russian products will disappear from the display of dozens of online stores that cooperate with the group operating in the country. Russian producers, brand owners and distributors were personally notified of the sanctions. At the same time, the company intends to pursue an active communication policy, to encourage other players in the market to implement a similar code of conduct.

Monday evening, the Kontigo pharmacy chain of the EuroCash group It was announced that cosmetics of Russian origin were withdrawn from sale. – We are deeply affected by the situation in Ukraine and express our full solidarity with our eastern neighbor – as stated in the press release.

Board of Directors of Super Pharm Poland PI decided to immediately withdraw from the sale of all products of Russian origin and under a Russian license. As a result, about 80 products from four cosmetic brands were removed from the shelves.

“The network opposes subsidizing businesses where tax money can support goals that undermine core values ​​such as human rights and human life,” SuperPharm Network said.

On Tuesday morning, the management of Al Capone stores unanimously decided I decided to withdraw Russian and Belarusian products from sale with immediate effect, and apart from private-branded stores, franchisees who fully support the campaign have joined the project.

– We were touched by the situation in Ukraine, therefore, in expression of our full solidarity with the inhabitants of this country, we decided not to support brands associated with countries that use aggression. There is no place on the shelves of our stores for products that, by purchasing them, can in any way contribute to the support of pro-Russian activities. The company said we do not want to support companies from countries responsible for what is happening in Ukraine in any way.

We do not buy products with a code of 460 …

IGHRS also asked all Poles to pay attention to the barcodes of the products they buy. She invited them to buy Polish goods with a number of 590 barcodes, and not to buy products from Belarus and Russia.

Belarusian products have a barcode that begins with the number 481. Bar codes of Russian products begin with one of the numerical sequences: from 460 to 469.

There are many Russian brands or brands with Russian capital on the Polish market. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Kaspersky Lab – manufacturer of antivirus software,
  • curry – brand of shoes,
  • outpost Agnitum Ltd. antivirus software. ,
  • Dr. web – Antivirus created by Doctor Web from Moscow,
  • Oodji – a clothing brand with about 10 stores,
  • cable – internet messenger,
  • Strabag – a construction company, which worked, among other things, in the construction of highways,
  • Aeroflot Airlines,
  • mustard Rustica.

It should also be noted companies that do not have Russian capital, but some of their brands are produced in Russia. They for example Nokian, Rexona and Dove tire brands Belong to the concern of Unilever.

982 Russian companies operate in Poland

Official data show that there are currently 982 companies in Poland, one of the shareholders of which is a Russian company or a natural person with Russian citizenship.

Most of them operate in Warsaw (436), Krakow (69), Wroclaw (47), Gdansk (38), Białystok (27), Pozna (27), Lublin (16), Katowice (15), ód (12), Rzeszow ( 12), reporting (11).

They deal with, among others, road transport of goods, software related activities, construction work, gastronomy, fuel sales, advertising agency activities, etc.

The MP wants Russian products to be labeled

Mikhail Webbijg informed of the agreement on Monday that he had prepared a draft parliamentary amendment to the Entrepreneurs Act, which provides for marking Russian products with a clearly visible mark with the Russian flag. He pointed out that he had spoken with several representatives and hoped that changes would be made to the Entrepreneurs Law in a short time.

“The idea is that every product made in Russia should be marked with a label with the flag of that country. When shopping, the customer will not have to look for the inscriptions in which the item was produced, but it will be immediately visible” – said Wypij and stressed that such changes to help In the boycott of Russian products.

“Everyone must decide for themselves whether they want to support Putin’s war machine,” Webbage stressed.

Classification of Russian products, according to Wypie, requires changes in three points of the Entrepreneur Law, the first of which is an addition to art. 21 of the following paragraph, which states: “If the country of the manufacturer of the goods is the Russian Federation, the entrepreneur who places the goods on the market in the territory of the Republic of Poland must also place the goods on the goods, and if the goods are in the package, a drawing appears Graphic clearly visible on their packaging the flag of the Russian Federation. ”

The next point obligates the Minister of Economy to develop the dimensions and appearance of the flag drawing to attach it to products.

The latest amendment states that the law takes effect after 7 days – this means that entities that market Russian products will have enough time to distinguish them. “Each of us, while shopping, can contribute to the weakening of the Russian economy, which finances Putin’s war machine,” Rep. Wibig stressed.

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