Scream 7 Under Fire.  The expulsion of prominent actresses and the return of Neve Campbell?

According to the latest information, Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega will not appear in Scream 7 due to the controversy.

Scream 6 premiered later this year, on March 10, 2023, and sold really well. It’s clear that the series is not boring yet, and the cult title is still good to watch.

And let us remind you that the first part of Scream appeared in 1996. And although the main cast has changed slightly in recent years, it was still very popular. Now, however, it turns out that more changes are coming, unfortunately, due to the controversy surrounding the actresses.

Scream 7 without the main characters?

There has been a lot going on in the media lately regarding the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel. Every now and then new things appear on this topic, and the Internet is filled with pictures and videos. For this reason, many celebrities speak out on this topic and support one side of the conflict, which is not necessarily received positively by the public.

This was the case with Melissa Barrera, who you may recognize from Scream 5 and 6, where she played the lead role alongside Jenna Ortega. The actresses played the Carpenter sisters, who fell victim to subsequent attacks by Ghostface. However, as it turns out, even though Scream Part 7 was indirectly announced, we will likely see it without both stars.

As the media writes, inOn Tuesday, November 21, it was announced that Melissa Barrera had been “quietly” removed from Scream 7, with a spokesperson for the Spyglass film studio stating that it was related to her posts about the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The entries were eventually deleted, but screenshots are still circulating on various websites, including X.

Right after rumors of Melissa Barrera being fired from the Scream cast were confirmed, we learned that Jenna Ortega was leaving her role on the series as well. Many people claimed that the actress wanted to support her sister in the film in this way against the harsh treatment by the studio, but the truth turned out to be different.

Jenna Ortega made it clear via Deadline that her departure from the Scream cast had nothing to do with the Melissa Barrera controversy. In this case, we are talking about graphical conflicts. Jenna Ortega will have a busy schedule while filming Scream 7, including: Until next season Wednesday. According to Deadline, Ortega’s contract was already set to expire.

But this is not the end. It turns out that sources told Variety that Scream producers wanted to bring back Neve Campbell, best known as the first major character in the series – Sindey Prescott, who it all started with. Information on this topic was scheduled to appear in the last report.

The Scream movies feature a whole host of characters who are still alive or could be revived… and the producers can’t wait to bring back their iconic character, Sidney Prescott.

However, people quickly remembered why the star left the cast. This is because the salary was very low. Neve Campbell did not agree to the prices she was offered for subsequent Scream installments. The actress felt that she added much more value to the series, so she left the role of Cindy Prescott.

It’s unclear what’s next for the Scream franchise. On the back burner, it’s said that the series will now make a 180-degree turn and receive a completely new script – although the script for Scream 7 has yet to see the light of day. However, given that the film was supposed to be released in 2024, the premiere will almost certainly be postponed, and we will definitely have to wait for any new features.

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