There are new references to the Edgerunners anime in Cyberpunk 2077

Update 2.0 brought a lot of changes and new features to Cyberpunk 2077, but the developers did not report some of them in the official notes. However, it looks like there may be some new flavors. A lot, and the players got to work. Search.

CD Projekt is clearly very proud of the anime developed by Trigger Studio, because other references to the aforementioned production have been added to the game. Joe˙ We previously had the opportunity to undertake a small side quest and achievements, some well-known equipment from the series, and even visits several locations featured in Edgerunners. There’s no shortage of interesting Easter eggs and tails in Cyberpunk 2077; Show and tail. Cę next.

One of the most recent discoveries is a series of holograms that form a tail. For the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. A Reddit user responded and shared it immediately. Się interesting fact & aogon; About the rest "the world. But before we go any further, keep this in mind The holograms mentioned contain a tail; Major spoilers regarding the plot of Edgerunners aheadSo, if you haven’t watched the series on Netflix yet, you’re reading this to yourself. Responsibilityć.

Fucking heartbreaking
byu/FirmAd6452 incom. cyberpunkgame

The tail looks like this A tail has appeared in the columbarium in North Oak. New sprites for anime characters. We can read there are some touching words written by the author. It looks like it’s Lucy. If you had the tail end of the entire Edgerunners season behind you, it would be hard not to feel happy. A little prick in the heart, especially when we read the words dedicated to David.

We visit the aforementioned columbarium during several missions, including the mission When You Look into the Abyss. -We are directed there by a side objective related to Andrew’s grave. We can also go there at any other time, and custom engravings for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners characters can be found in the columbarium already. At the beginning of the game.

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