Will there be another part of Keeler?  Claw: We have to do this.  I would like

The movie “Kiler” premiered in 1997 and was a huge success. Initially, the creators believed that about 500-700 thousand people would attend the premiere of the film. viewers. It turns out that this number was … About 2.2 million people. Today, the film has a cult status in Poland.

In the interview “Kiler 3 will come out after more than 25 years” Cesare Bazura mentioned the idea of ​​making the “Kiler trilogy” (in 1998 the movie “Kiler -ów 2-óch” was made).

We must do it. I would like. You need a good idea and a great scenario. I talked about it with Juliusz Machulski, who really wants it [“Kiler”] He got up, but he didn’t want to deal with it

Khan’s claw. As it turns out, the Director of Parts 1 and 2 would like to appear this time in the role of “Content Moderator, Mentor”.

[Machulski] Someone would like to see it with new eyes and it should be a different movie, but the same quality. It cannot be the same. We are working on it

– Bazora added in an interview with film.wp.pl. He also said that the creators know…what the text of the new part is.

“Keller” is a story about unlucky taxi driver Jorek Keeler, mistaken for a notorious hitman. Keeler accidentally gets involved in a war between two warring gangs.

Years ago, Julius Macholsky remembered how the decision to shoot was made “Kiler-s 2” It was held during a banquet in celebration of the first half of a million spectators. “I saw in the eyes of my fellow producers and distributors a silent request for us to make a sequel, which is perhaps a professional approach to the success of a huge entertainment film. The script ”, recalls the director.

source: wp.pl, Onet.pl


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