A new massive structure has been discovered.  It challenges our understanding of the universe

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The Great Ring, like the Great Arc, is a large group of galaxies located at enormous distances from Earth – In this case, we're talking about about 9.2 billion light-years away. The first massive structure discovered by Alexia Lopez in 2021 caused a lot of excitement in the astronomical community because it was previously believed that the maximum size of this type of object was 1.2 billion light-years. The Great Bow is almost three times larger, and the Great Ring challenges previous arrangements.

Interestingly, the Great Ring and the Great Arc are located in the same “cosmic neighbourhood” – They are visible from the same distance, at the same cosmic time, and only 12 degrees apart in the sky. Alexia Lopez, who shared her observations in early 2024 during the 243rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society, adds:

The discoveries made by Alexia Lopez challenge our current understanding of the world around us – In theory, we should observe similar phenomena in different parts of the universe, but it turns out that the universe works differently on a larger scale. The problem is that we are currently unable to explain it, but finding the second giant structure means that we are not dealing with an anomaly and the astronomical community should pay more attention to this topic.

Photograph: Alexia Lopez/University of Central Lancashire

The Great Ring (blue) and the Great Arc (red) can be seen in the night sky

The Great Ring itself appears in heaven as an almost perfect ring, however Further analysis of Alexia Lopez reveals that it resembles the shape of a corkscrew, which is directed towards the Earth. Any signal or data obtained from there is so far away that it would “take half the life of the universe to reach us,” about 8 billion years.

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