The world champion from Russia hits the authors of the series.  "It's a lie and a manipulation."

– I feel cheated. I had the right to allow the conversation, I asked, after which the TV said that he knew nothing about it. In addition, I think it was tampered with – says Artiom Łaguta about an interview in the Canal + series “To jest speedway”.

Jaroslav Galewski

Artiom Łaguta with children

Instagram / laguta222 / Pictured: Artiom Łaguta with children

Artiom Łaguta is the world champion in motorcycle racing in the 2021 season. This year the Russian was unable to defend the title or compete in the PGE Ekstraliga. This is a consequence of the decisions of the International Federation of the Red Cross and the PZM, which withdrew permission for competitors from Russia to start pursuing the war in Ukraine. The rider is doing his best to return to racing next year. A decision on this may be made in the coming days.

However, Łagut, who also holds a Polish passport, became famous for another reason. A few days ago, Canal + launched the documentary series “To jest użel”. The 31-year-old took part in this and was asked why he was only interested in getting a Polish license when war broke out and the Russians were prevented from starting.

However, the answer to the most controversial question wasWhether there is a war going on in Ukraine, or perhaps a “special military operation,” as Vladimir Putin’s propaganda has presented. – I do not know what is there – answered the Russian in the broadcast, to which a wave of criticism was directed at him. There have been comments on the Internet that someone like this shouldn’t be riding the highway with a Polish licence.

A few days after the episode of Łaguta aired, an interview with WP SportoweFakty sheds new light on the whole thing.

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Jarosław Galewski, WP SportoweFakty: Your words about the war in Ukraine in the TV series “To jest speedway” on Canal + caused a flood of comments. Can you explain all this somehow?

Artyom Agutta, World Champion for the 2021 season: Yes, it is time to tell the whole truth, because this material is a lie. I was deceived.


Let’s start with the fact that my interview took place on September 18 in Bydgoszcz. Editor Piotr Bugajny contacted me and asked if I would agree to participate in the series they are just recording. In response, I asked what we should talk about. I heard the questions are only about the highway, more specifically the times when I won the world title. I agreed and went to the meeting at the Focus Premium Hotel.

How was the conversation? And why do you say he was cheated?

I’ve already asked a few questions about my path to the world title. But later, a series of questions about Ukraine and Russia began. I also decided to respond to them, but after the conversation ended, I exercised my right and asked for permission. Before posting, I wanted to see again in what context my words would be used. It was important to me, because I speak Polish very well and understand the language, but I lack a little perfection. And we were talking about important topics, so I wanted to understand well.

It was obvious to me because we didn’t just discuss the highway. I talk about it all the time, so that I can convey everything correctly, but not necessarily in other topics. Sometimes one word makes all the difference. I have made sure that I will receive the material for approval when it is compiled. In addition, I was also informed that my interview would not be published until I was back on the highway. None of the points in our contract have been fulfilled.

The series was announced for a long time. Have you tried to contact the TV about this?

Yes, of course. A few days ago I came across an article on the internet that was a preview of the Canal + speedway series. There was basically a conversation with Gleb Chugunov, but I also saw my words. So, I immediately remembered our contract. I didn’t let the interview take place, so I phoned editor Piotr Bugajny and asked what’s going on, that we’re dating. I heard that he is no longer involved in this project. So you lied. Later, the material was published, after which a storm broke out at my word.

Canal + responded to the allegations of Artiom Łaguta over here.

You were supposed to say that you don’t know what’s happening in Ukraine, whether it’s a war or a special military operation.

I think there was tampering in this case. I was convinced that I was asked how the Russians define the situation in Ukraine. I answered honestly that I only know what is happening in Russia. I hadn’t been there in four years, except for highway duties in Togliatti for example, so I had no idea what to say about it. Regardless, I was afraid of such situations from the start which is why I asked for my statements to be approved. I wanted to read it quietly to avoid such stories. After all, I had the right to do so.

Have you contacted anyone other than Piotr Bugajny?

Peter referred Bogani to Maciej Glazik, and he told me he knew nothing of our arrangements. They had a lot to say to me. It is beyond my understanding. I’m sorry to be treated like this. That’s why I call it all a lie. Again, something was used differently than it should have been. This is another such story, because when I became the world champion, my wife defined the “dogs bark, the caravan goes on” status on social media. I did this before the war, and I used those words later in an entirely different context.

The whole campaign was then started by Canal + Editor, Thomas Drica. That’s why I wanted to delegate my interview. Anyway, there was a strange coincidence. The series was broadcast a few days before the announcement of the decision to start Russia next year. This is no coincidence for me.

I understand your doubts, but the episode’s release date was known much earlier. However, I would like to ask if you would agree to the interview if you knew the questions would be about the war in Ukraine?

I won’t agree and won’t talk about it now either.


First of all, I have already said all about her. You can come back and check it out.

The thing is, your posts disappeared from social media pretty quickly.

Yes, because I am tired of the hatred that has enveloped me from all sides. I already made it clear that I have a Polish passport, I want to live here and I will live here. However, I do not intend to talk about it anymore, because you should know that a special message appeared in Russia some time ago that the discussion of these topics could end very badly. I have two parents and a sister there. If, God forbid, something happens to me, I will have to go there. If I talked about Ukraine over and over again, I would be held at the border and imprisoned for 10 years. If someone doesn’t understand it, it’s hard, but that’s my point. I care about my family and will not cut off contact with them or block my way to them. I won’t give up on her, period. I would ask everyone who judges me to remember this.

From the editorial office: Authorized interview. Its content has been approved by Artiom Łaguta. We’ve also already received extensive responses from Canal+ to the player’s allegations. you can read it over here.

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