Myths dissolve on Iga Świątek!  Suddenly someone says: This is a problem
  • The best in tennis history do not hide their admiration for Iga Švetek. Andy Murray directly says that Polish women are his favorite tennis player
  • The 23-year-old is making waves, but some say she’s still struggling with certain aspects of her game. Martina Navratilova draws attention to this
  • The record holder in terms of victories at Roland Garros, Chris Evert, has no doubt that the Pole will surpass his legendary achievement.
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The Roland Garros final was a display of Iga Świątek’s dominance. The champion did not give Yasmine Paolini any chance, as she beat her 6:2, 6:1. At the same time, she showed that she is not afraid of temporary problems. After the match, the greatest legends of world tennis expressed their admiration for the Polish women’s game and claimed that it would be very dangerous in this format for many years to come.

– Iga reminds me of Rafael Nadal and I would not be surprised if she wins a double-digit number of trophies in Paris – says Boris Becker to Eurosport, who expects years of the Pole dominating the courts in Paris.

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Iga Świątek was ‘impressive’

– The final was very tight for 15-20 minutes, but after that Światek was simply dazzling. Four titles at Roland Garros and she’s only 23 years old. I think he can win five, six or seven more titles in Paris. Her style is very modern, she uses a lot of spin and puts a lot of power into her shots. “That’s why you simply can’t beat her here,” the German continued, delighted with the Polish woman.

The praise was pouring in and no wonder, because Świątek played one of the best matches of the entire tournament. Despite the enormous pressure to play in the final, she did not give Paolini the slightest chance and showed that she wants to maintain her dominance in Paris.

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