The World After Us on Netflix: Existence of Friends Series Explained

Netflix’s new apocalyptic thriller provided plenty of juicy details for fans who had fun dissecting the film. Some viewers saw a contradiction in the series’ usage FriendsThe director made another point.

Adapted from the 2020 bestseller Ruman Alam’s novel. The world behind us It quickly rose to the top of the Netflix charts. It must be said that this drama has several arguments to convince the audience of its apocalyptic flavor and sometimes strange images: first of all its star-studded cast. Performances between Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali and Myhala Herald were only successful.

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Especially since the shots were directed in front of the camera by Sam Esmail, who already created another series that is well known and appreciated by the public: Mr. Robot. So when the director and screenwriter decide to bolster the intrigue of a cyberattack in the middle of the world coming to disrupt the average American’s vacation, audiences say they’ve hit the jackpot.

But this time, the last detail that the audience specified was the subject of great debate. In fact, Rose, the youngest of the Sandford family, is a true fan of the series Friends… Julia Roberts plays Amanda Sandford’s translator The world behind us. Paradox or clever wink? For the director, it goes even further.

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The audience of The world behind us Find a major discrepancy with the series Friends

In The world behind usRose Sandford (Farrah Mackenzie) is the daughter of Amanda (Julia Roberts) and Clay (Ethan Hawke). Friends. We’re obviously not going to throw stones at him, but this choice presents a major problem in the eyes of many viewers. In fact, Julia Roberts appears in the sitcom under the guise of Susie Moss.

Why does Rose not notice the carbon copy of her mother in the series? Many Netflix viewers have asked themselves the same question, seeing it as a story problem.

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A little girl watching Friends on her tablet won’t believe the appearance of Julia Roberts.”

Plot twist in The World After Us… The girl watches an episode of Friends with Julia Roberts” joked one user TwitterAnother one along with In a very confused tone: “The girl obsessed with friends in The World After Us says nothing about her mother being in an episode. No. A word.

In the books, the teenager is far from being attracted to the popular series. The bunker scene in the novel depicts her inserting the DVD into the player, but she is not enthralled by the story. The sound of the television in the background comforts her.

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But how could the adaptation miss this detail and make a blatant error? Perhaps, quite simply, because it is not a mistake.

Director The world behind us Explains the relationship between the movie and the series Friends


Make Rose a fanatic Friends, which was actually an adaptation choice. And for the director, what the audience finds wrong shouldn’t even be a problem.

During an interview The Hollywood ReporterThe filmmaker explained: “The universe I create for these films is slightly different from our reality. It should be obvious. They are played by actors who exist in our world. So my meta and convoluted interpretation is that when Rose watches Friends and sees Julia in it, she notices a resemblance to her mother, but apparently she ignores it because she’s not a mother..”

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Sam Esmail later explained more about Rose’s interest in sitcoms because the world around her was falling apart. on the microphone ThumNetflix news site, he put it his own way: “To me, it represented pure escapism. In moments of crisis, we lose our common humanity, where we feel isolated and want to run for comfort. For Rose, I thought her journey would be complete only after watching the latest episode of her favorite series.

exactly, The world behind us It ends with the little Sandford family looking at the screen with a big smile. For those who are confused by such a sudden decision, here is our full explanation.

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