Spain.  The record has been broken.  Nearly 30°C in December.  “Incredibly hot.”

Unusual heat has swept the southeastern coast of Spain. Tuesday was the warmest December day across the country since measurements were made. The temperature reached nearly 30 degrees Celsius.

The temperature in Malaga on Tuesday reached 29.9 degrees Celsius. According to the national meteorological agency AEMET, this is the highest December temperature recorded on mainland Spain in the history of measurements. The record was broken by 4.9 degrees Celsius.

“It’s unbelievable”

“If it weren’t for the fact that we see it, we would say it’s unbelievable,” AEMET wrote on social media.

As he added, “Breaking the record by such a margin would be much less likely were it not for the climate changes observed on a global scale, as well as in Spain.”

“This is one of the warmest air masses to have reached Spain at this point in December,” agency spokesman Ruben del Campo said.

Hot weather in ValenciaBab/EPA/Ana Escobar

Hot weather in ValenciaBab/EPA/Ana Escobar

Thermometers on Tuesday showed temperatures near 30 degrees in several other cities along Spain’s southern and eastern coast.

Main image source: Bab/EPA/Ana Escobar

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