The wonderful Camp Nou project.  FC Barcelona will receive the renovated Beca Nuna stadium

The past few months have been very difficult for all fans F.C.B. The club is still suffering from huge financial problems caused by the previous board of directors headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu. Due to the election victory, the new president, Joan Laporta, has embarked on a mission to save the club’s finances, which means big cuts. Those, unfortunately, were forced to say goodbye to the biggest star and icon F.C.BLeo Mesim.

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“Barcelona plays like Stoke. Koeman is Barcelona’s living dead”

Effective project for the reconstruction of Camp Nou. Work could start as early as next year

Due to the difficult situation, the reconstruction of the stadium has not yet begun Camp Nou And the entire sports complex around it. Loud announcements of a huge investment appeared long ago during Bartomeu’s tenure, but so far no specific decisions have been made. However, everything indicates that the situation will really change soon.

Barcelona was losing, but eventually scored 3 points. The beautiful goal did not help Valencia [WIDEO]

The club just posted on social media an effective visualization of the reconstructed facility and its entire surroundings. The project was called “Espai Barcelona“The roof of the Camp Nou has been basically planned. The facility is also planned to be safer and more accessible for people with disabilities. New crates, solar panels and a rainwater recovery system are also planned. A new Palau auditorium is to be built as part of it. BlaugranaWhere basketball and handball players play their matches. There are also plans to build a small ice rink and a bus parking lot. Implementation of the entire project to accommodate 1.5 billion euro, which will cost the reconstruction of the Camp Nou itself about 900 million euros. as Joanna Laporte Reconstruction work could begin as early as next year.

Barcelona has made a decision about Dani Alves.  Fans will not be satisfiedBarcelona has made a decision about Dani Alves. Fans will not be satisfied

Camp Nou was built in 1957. Its stands can accommodate exactly 99,354 people, making it the largest football stadium in Europe and one of the largest football stadiums in the world. Unfortunately, since the uprising, it has not been rebuilt, but slightly updated, so its condition leaves much to be desired. A recently disclosed report lists up to 44 flaws that threaten fan health.

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