January 30, 2023


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Vukovi was asked to return to the Legia Warsaw Center.  An unambiguous answer to Beck is nothing

Vukovi was asked to return to the Legia Warsaw Center. An unambiguous answer to Beck is nothing

Legia Warsaw Terrible months have passed behind him. Although the Polish champions are in the middle of the group stage European Championships They were the leaders of Group C and seemed to be able to fight back to play in Europe as well in the spring, they finished last in the group and said goodbye to the European Cups. They do just as badly in the league – they are in the penultimate halfway through the season and have already missed their chance to fight for promotion to the European Cup. leggy.

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Exciting reports from the British media. Are you planning a big return to Real Madrid?

Vukovic: It won’t happen

Ceslav Michenewicz very lethal Results He was released. Marek Gubivsky was to save the situation, but the team under his leadership neither improved the technique nor the results. Dariush Miodowski He does not hide that he wants to sign Marek Babszon in the winter, but if he has to, he will wait until the end of the season.

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He was asked about the possibility of returning to Legia Alexander VukovicWho has led this team since April 2019 as of September 2020. – I know that won’t happen. I received job offers in various clubs, including Polish ones. However, if I felt that this was not a project in which I could prove myself and implement myself, but would find people under the pressure of the outcome, I would prefer to wait. It’s better to do more than regret it, he said in RDC Sports Magazine.

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Stanislav CherchesovStanislav Cherchesov will return to Legia Warsaw? Miodoski: You will find everything

Stanislav Cherchesov will return to Legia Warsaw?

After the Thursday meeting European Championships, where Spartak Moscow After his 1-0 win with Legia in Warsaw, Russian media began to speculate again about the possible return of Cherchesov to Poland. Even Dariush Miodowsky mentioned this topic. – We are good friends with coach Cherchesov and have constant contact with each other. Will he come back to us? We’ll see, you’ll find out soon enough – said the head of Legia, citing the sport-express.ru portal.