January 27, 2023


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RSV virus.  Symptoms of how to protect yourself.  Attacks children and newborns sick

RSV virus. Symptoms of how to protect yourself. Attacks children and newborns sick

RSV is attacking more and more babies, including newborns. Jan Mazela, Ph.D., explained on TVN24 that this virus did not occur in the past year due to the shutdown associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Babies up to three months of age are especially at risk. – Research clearly shows that they go to hospitals and intensive care units more often – said a specialist in pediatrics and neonatology, professor at the Pozna Medical University.

In recent days, we are hearing a lot about an increase in the number of infections with the RSV virus, also known as the RS virus. It is especially dangerous for young children. In some cases, symptoms are so severe that infected children end up in intensive care units. Dr. Love. Jan Mazella, professor of medical sciences at Karol Marcinkowski University of Medicine in Pozna.

– At the moment, in the intensive care isolation unit (Neonatal Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Medical University of Poznan), we have four newborns, that is, babies of the first month of life with acute respiratory failure due to RSV infection. They have come to us from different hospitals or have been taken from admission rooms in other children’s hospitals – Dr. Mazzella said on TVN24.

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Is RSV infection affected by corona virus vaccination? A Live Day guest reported that in the case of the Pozna Hospital, the parents of four children were vaccinated.

The relationship between increased infection and spread of respiratory syncytial virus and Covid is quite different. The problem is that this virus didn’t exist last year because of the lockdown. (…]Therefore, we have not developed immunity – parents, older siblings, pregnant women. These young children, the youngest, up to three months of age, are unfortunately exposed to the severe course of the disease associated with this virus.

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Why is it important for parents to be vaccinated against the coronavirus? The doctor stressed that parents who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 have easy access to their children in hospitals because they do not have to get tested. – In order to prevent other infections, (…) where vaccination is not possible, take special personal protective equipment, such as masks, wash hands and wipe surfaces, because these viruses, including RSV, can live for several hours on surfaces – he explained Mazilla.

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RSV virus. Symptoms of how to protect yourself

As the pediatrician explained, the symptoms of the RS virus are similar to infection with the influenza virus or even with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. To protect yourself from this, use personal protective equipment, wash your hands frequently, and newborns should avoid contact with other children, especially those who attend kindergarten or school. The doctor also recommended that children go for walks in the open and not into human societies.

He stressed that older children “do not do much harm” with this virus, they usually get sick like a bad cold. The situation is different for babies in the first three months of life. – Studies clearly indicate that these children go to hospitals and intensive care units and need respiratory support, because this virus causes the accumulation of a large amount of mucus, swelling of the mucous membranes and a chronic and very annoying cough – completed the interviewer.

RSV causes ‘a buildup of a large amount of mucus and swelling of the mucous membranes’TVN24

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