Barcelona. Anti-tourism protests in the city, water tankers launched

Barcelona is fed up with tourists. A protest took place in the city center on Saturday. Protesters blocked hotel entrances, shouted at holidaymakers to go home and threw water on them. The demonstration is in response to the high cost of living in Spain, which many residents blame on travelers.

Barcelona is not for sale“, “Tourists, go home.“These are just some of the slogans that could be seen on the banners carried by protesters on Saturday evening in the city centre. Barcelona.

Barcelona doesn’t want tourists. “Get out of our area”

A demonstration in which I participated, according to police accounts. 2800 peopleHe marched through the streets of the capital of Catalonia. The participants intercepted and disturbed tourists who were resting or visiting the city.

Tourists, get out of our area.The Spaniards chanted “attack” the vacationers with water pistols in the city’s restaurants and famous tourist places. They recorded hotel entrances.and prevent registered residents from leaving.

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Saturday’s protest in Barcelona is another demonstration in Spain aimed at Discouraging foreigners from spending their holidays in the country. Previously, similar actions have been carried out, among others: in Palma, Mallorca, where nearly 15,000 took to the streets. demonstrators.

Protest in Barcelona. Tourism is the reason for the increase in the cost of living?

Protesters blame overtourism The high cost of living in SpainOver the past decade, the number of apartments in the country is expected to increase by 68%. Rents will rise significantly.

Many also complain of a decreased quality of life.

– Local stores are closing their doors to make way for stores that cannot meet the needs of local residents. People can’t afford the rent. – Issa Miralles, a resident of the Barceloneta area, complained, according to GB News.

There are also concerns that the influx of holidaymakers could lead to Water resource constraints – Many parts of Spain are suffering from drought and water restrictions are in place. This problem does not only apply to the Iberian Peninsula, some hotels in Sicily have reduced the number of receptions because of it Inability to provide sufficient water for bathing and toilets.

No more apartments for rent in Barcelona

Protesters are angry, but Not just for touristsThey also blame city administrations and demand restrictions that would limit the number of foreigners arriving in the country.

Last June, Barcelona Mayor Jaume Colboni announced plans to abolish all short-term rental contracts by 2028. In this way, It will not be possible to rent apartments to tourists. And back to the local housing market.

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In 2023, the capital of Catalonia was visited. 12 million touristsAs Sky News reported, initial estimates leave no doubt that by the end of 2024 this number will be much higher.

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