June 8, 2023


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Sony acquired Bungie. It’s official

Sony has announced the completion of one of the most famous acquisitions in the gaming industry. Bungie studio has officially joined the PlayStation family.

In January 2021, Sony announced its intention to buy Bungie. Until then, we knew a lot of details about the deal itself. It was said at the time that it would eventually cost Japan $3.6 billion. In the end, the amount turned out to be a little higher.

From data Released by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, shows that Sony paid $ 3.7 billion to studio Bungie. Sony hasn’t given many details at the moment, but only welcomed studio Bungie into the “PlayStation family.”

Bungie is a developer responsible for creating brands like Welcome if fate. Information released in January when the acquisition was first announced said Bungie would be able to operate with a great deal of independence.

The games that Bungie will create under Sony’s wings will be cross-platform, and it is unknown if they will also create PlayStation exclusive titles.

Bungie also boasted on social media. The statement about the official merger with Sony ended with a Latin sentence – “Per Audacia ad Astra”, which means “boldness to the stars”.

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