The war in Ukraine.  Reuters: Russian hackers targeted three US nuclear plants

The attacks took place between August and September last year, at a time when authorities in the Kremlin had warned about it Russia may use nuclear weapons to defend its territory – notes Reuters. The three national research laboratories targeted by the hackers are Brookhaven, New York, Argonne, Illinois, and Lawrence Livermore, California. The US Department of Energy has not commented on the hacking reports.

Reuters notes that since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the group cool river It increased its activity against the allies of Kyiv. The actions against the US laboratories came as UN experts were inspecting the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine, which is occupied by Russian forces.

Adam Myers – Vice President of Cybersecurity at CrowdStrike describes Cold River Group as “One of the most important groups of hackersAssociated with “direct support for the Kremlin’s information operations.”

Several mistakes made by the hackers allowed specialists to learn the identities of some of the group’s members. Reuters reports that many of the email addresses used by the hackers belong to a 35-year-old Russian. Andre Korineka resident of Syktyvkar, the main city of the Komi Republic.


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