Paris expelled ambassadors from the US and Australia after terminating the ship contract

September 16 United States of AmericaBritain and Australia entered into a new military alliance called AUKUS. It is in response to a growing influence chin in the Pacific region. Australia announced the announcement of the agreement Concerning the resignation of the contract of 12 French submarines.

New units will be built in Australia with the help of the Americans and the British.

France: a stab in the back

For the French, the convention is a “stab in the back.” It means a break worth 40 billion dollar bypass. Paris described this decision as “treason”.

We have built a relationship of trust with Australia. This trust has been betrayed. I am very tense

mówił Jean-Yves Le Drian Head of French diplomacy.

France invited its ambassadors to Australia and the United States for consultations in Paris. On the Seine, the breach of the treaty was considered to undermine the foundations of transatlantic cooperation after the war.

Australia: We understand the disappointment

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stressed that he understood Paris’ disappointment with the lack of purchase, but that “like any sovereign nation, we must make decisions that are in the interests of our sovereign national defense”. He emphasized that the reason was not political, but technological.

I think he had (Paris – ed.) every reason to understand that we have basic and serious reservations about the combat effectiveness of attack-class submarines, which do not meet our strategic interests.

Morrison announced.

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