Have you got a Samsung?  Android Auto 7.7 removes fatal error

It is difficult to decide whether it is worth installing Android Auto 7.7. On the one hand, updating can solve the annoying problem, but on the other hand, it can also bring new bugs.

Galaxy S22 owners problems

Samsung smartphones from the line Galaxy S22 Debuted in February of this year. We received some really good devices, but it turns out that users may not be satisfied with them Android Auto.

As evidenced by the numerous reports published on Support ForumsFrom the beginning Android Auto doesn’t necessarily want to work with new Samsung smartphones. Of course, the problem does not affect all users, but it seems to be very common.

Galaxy owners point out that Google Drivers cannot be used in some cases. The smartphone, when connected to the infotainment system, only charges, but does not detect that it is connected to the car. This means that Android Auto does not start at all.

It should be noted that the problem does not occur with other smartphones, so the fault is not with cars. Some people have managed to fix the connection after changing the cable, but this is not always 100% effective. Interestingly, the same cables work correctly when connecting other smartphone models, including these Samsung.

New Android Auto interface It will be presented in the summer (Image: Google)

Treatment is now available, but…

Users who have installed the beta version of Android Auto 7.7 they pointThe problem described above has been resolved. Thanks to this, it is possible to use the Google program without having to search for the appropriate cable.

Unfortunately, it’s not perfect. friends Samsung Galaxy S22Those who previously had no problems using Android Auto report new bugs after installing AA 7.7 beta update. True, the smartphone detects that it is connected to the infotainment system, but only a black screen is displayed on the screen in the car.

We hope that the new issues are only in beta, and the stable Android Auto 7.7 will provide the expected fixes for all users.

Of course when we are owners Smartphone from the Galaxy S22 line And we can’t use google driver, it’s worth trying to install 7.7 beta update. However, when everything is working correctly, it is recommended to stay with the current version.

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