The drone operator really did that.  He blew up the entire Russian unit

Tuesday, June 25, is the 853rd day of war in Ukraine. General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine MrIt reported that since February 24, 2022, they had destroyed 8,035 Russian tanks and 259 aircraft. Drones are missing from the statistics. Perhaps because it is difficult to even estimate the number of missions in which drones have been involved.

We have already described the skills of Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle operators several times. Another recording of a combat drone mission from the battlefield has been provided by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It turns out that maneuvering such a machine sometimes requires real skill.

The drone whose flight recording can be seen in the video is certainly piloted by a specialist. The number of nooks and crannies and the difficulty of the task he undertook is truly impressive.

The rest of the article is below the video

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He flew into the villa and blew up the entire enemy unit

The video shows a number of members of the Russian unit. The soldiers run to a large abandoned house for shelter. They had no idea that this was a mistake that likely cost them their lives.

The drone operator sees everything from a great height. At this point, the second drone comes into effect. A kamikaze drone begins to approach. The operator maneuvers between the bushes in the garden to precisely guide the drone to the front door of the villa.

then The drone flies through the door frame and flies a few more meters to make sure the force of the strike is maximum. Then detonation occurs.

The material was made available on the X platform. Netizens appreciated the operator’s skills.

For a little longer, the drones will dial the number on the intercom – wrote one commenter. Echoed by other netizens: – Professional work – wrote another user.

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