January 28, 2023


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The war in Ukraine. Anonymous group stormed the Central Bank of Russia

Unidentified hackers reported Thursday on Twitter that they had hacked Russian Central Bank data and threatened to release tens of thousands of classified files.

“Team Anonymous smashed the Central Bank of Russia. More than 35,000 files containing confidential data will be published within 48 hours,” the group wrote on Twitter.

Anonymous hacks government, corporate and dating sites

Over the weekend, Anonymous broke into thousands of Russian printers to print information about the war in Ukraine and a Tor darknet browser installation guide. On Tuesday evening, hackers carried out a successful attack on the systems of Nestlé, the global food and cosmetic giant that has not yet decided to withdraw from operations in the Russian market – and as a result of the attack, 10 gigabytes of data on 50 thousand. . Company clients.

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On Wednesday, hackers used the dating app Tinder to fight misinformation in Russia.

As Ukrinform writes, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, unknown hackers have penetrated more than 2,500 official Russian and Belarusian websites and launched unprecedented attacks on the official websites of the Russian government.


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