February 4, 2023


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Germany.  The Night Wolves have come to Berlin

Germany. The Night Wolves have come to Berlin

So far it has come to the capital “Eighteen Frightening Motorcyclists” – Report to “Bild”. According to the newspaper, when a wreath is to be laid at the memorial to Soviet soldiers, on Monday, There will be 150 motorcycles and cars.

More than 50 demonstrations and events commemorating Germany’s surrender 77 years ago are scheduled to take place in Berlin on Sunday and Monday.

“Once again, our police are facing a challenge” – The Berlin senator for Internal Affairs said, citing “Bild” in the context of the festivities Iris Springer. “The situation is difficult,” she added. She stressed that “we should not give a millimeter of space to support an aggressive war (in Ukraine).”

Politicians are anxiously awaiting Sunday and Monday. – We can only hope that it will not be the “Night Wolves”, car parades (supported by Russia) and other Putin supporters that will shape the cityscape on May 8 and 9, but Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian opponents of the war and human rights defenders who also recorded the demonstrations, he said. Berlin politician from the CDU for the newspaper Bild Stephen Evers. “In any case, the CDU in Berlin will show its colors against the war on May 8,” he added.

FDP internal policy expert Bjorn Gotzo The newspaper says that “the Senate must ensure that citizens do not incite or approve of Russia’s aggressive war in Ukraine.”

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